1st Birthday Party

Zander-373 Zander-551 Zander-525 Zander-534 Zander-487 Zander-482 Zander-452 Zander-440 Zander-433 Zander-414 Zander-400 Zander-394 Zander-390 Zander-370 Zander-313 Zander-298 Zander-285 Zander-279 Zander-272 Zander-261 Zander-218 Zander-197 Zander-186 Zander-175 Zander-163 Zander-162 Zander-158A birthday is a celebration of life.  A first birthday is a special celebration, a new life has been reared through his hardest days, and parents have struggled through many sleepless nights to get to this point of rejoice.  A first birthday is a celebration of the accomplishment of life and the anticipation of what the future holds.


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