Bronx Art Deco

Architecture is much like fashion… it comes into style and it goes out of style. Once the fad has come and gone, areas can look dated and then become defined by those fads. What gets interesting is when subsequent fads do not sweep through that area and they are left, generation after generation holding their own. Eventually an area gets captured in time.

Such it was with the Bronx of late 1920’s and 1930’s. The Bronx boomed in population, thanks in part to new Subways. Swanky new Art Deco buildings were constructed to appeal to the fashionable tastes. Deco was booming with the Bronx.

Today, the boom is long over, but the Deco remains. The second largest concentration of Deco buildings in the United States are in the Bronx (behind Miami) a testament to the era of their birth and standing the test of time. What was a fad, is now timeless.Bronx Deco-1

Bronx Deco-2

Bronx Deco-3

Bronx Deco-4

Bronx Deco-5

Bronx Deco-6

Bronx Deco-7

Bronx Deco-8

Bronx Deco-9

Bronx Deco-10

Bronx Deco-11

Bronx Deco-12

Bronx Deco-13

Bronx Deco-14

Bronx Deco-15

Bronx Deco-16

Bronx Deco-17

Bronx Deco-18

Bronx Deco-19

Bronx Deco-20

Bronx Deco-21

Bronx Deco-22

Bronx Deco-23

Bronx Deco-24

Bronx Deco-25

Bronx Deco-26

Bronx Deco-27

Bronx Deco-28

Bronx Deco-29

Bronx Deco-30

Bronx Deco-31

Bronx Deco-32

Bronx Deco-33

Bronx Deco-34

Bronx Deco-35

Bronx Deco-36

Bronx Deco-37

Bronx Deco-38

Bronx Deco-39

Bronx Deco-40

Bronx Deco-41

Bronx Deco-42

Bronx Deco-43

Bronx Deco-44

Bronx Deco-45

Bronx Deco-46

Bronx Deco-47

Bronx Deco-48

Bronx Deco-49

Bronx Deco-50

Bronx Deco-51

Bronx Deco-52

Bronx Deco-53

Bronx Deco-54

Bronx Deco-55

Bronx Deco-56

Bronx Deco-57

Bronx Deco-58

Bronx Deco-59

Bronx Deco-60

Bronx Deco-61

Bronx Deco-62

Bronx Deco-63

Bronx Deco-64

Bronx Deco-65

Bronx Deco-66

Bronx Deco-67

Bronx Deco-68

Bronx Deco-69

Bronx Deco-70

Bronx Deco-71

Bronx Deco-72

Bronx Deco-73

Bronx Deco-74

Bronx Deco-75

Bronx Deco-76

Bronx Deco-77

Bronx Deco-78

Bronx Deco-79

Bronx Deco-80

Bronx Deco-81

Bronx Deco-82

Bronx Deco-83

Bronx Deco-84

Bronx Deco-85

Bronx Deco-86

Bronx Deco-87


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