Pittsburgh II

The philanthropic end of town, where the Gilded Age barons donated their money for the legacy of humanity.  It was a belief of Andrew Carnegie’s that the average working man would squander his money, so it had to be used in trust for the whole people to uplift humanity.  I can’t argue with the beauty that the wealth was used to create, but I think the average working man deserves more credit and dignity than that.

The Frick Greenhouse.  The man had serious taste, just not the nicest guy when it came to treating his workers right...

The Frick Greenhouse. The man had serious taste, just not the nicest guy when it came to treating his workers right…

Pittsburgh-2 Pittsburgh-3 Pittsburgh-6 Pittsburgh-8 Pittsburgh-9 Pittsburgh-10 Pittsburgh-11 Pittsburgh-12 Pittsburgh-13 Pittsburgh-14 Pittsburgh-15 Pittsburgh-16 Pittsburgh-17 Pittsburgh-18 Pittsburgh-20 Pittsburgh-21 Pittsburgh-22 Pittsburgh-23 Pittsburgh-24 Pittsburgh-27

My favorite sculptor

My favorite sculptor

Pittsburgh-29 Pittsburgh-30 Pittsburgh-31 Pittsburgh-32 Pittsburgh-34 Pittsburgh-35 Pittsburgh-36 Pittsburgh-37 Pittsburgh-38 Pittsburgh-40 Pittsburgh-41 Pittsburgh-42 Pittsburgh-43 Pittsburgh-44 Pittsburgh-46 Pittsburgh-48 Pittsburgh-49 Pittsburgh-50 Pittsburgh-51 Pittsburgh-52 Pittsburgh-53 Pittsburgh-54

How kind of him...

How kind of him…

Pittsburgh-56 Pittsburgh-57 Pittsburgh-58 Pittsburgh-59 Pittsburgh-60 Pittsburgh-61 Pittsburgh-63 Pittsburgh-65 Pittsburgh-66 Pittsburgh-67 Pittsburgh-68 Pittsburgh-69 Pittsburgh-71 Pittsburgh-72 Pittsburgh-73 Pittsburgh-76 Pittsburgh-77 Pittsburgh-78 Pittsburgh-79 Pittsburgh-80 Pittsburgh-81 Pittsburgh-82 Pittsburgh-83 Pittsburgh-84 Pittsburgh-85 Pittsburgh-86 Pittsburgh-87 Pittsburgh-88 Pittsburgh-89 Pittsburgh-90 Pittsburgh-91 Pittsburgh-92 Pittsburgh-93 Pittsburgh-94 Pittsburgh-95 Pittsburgh-97 Pittsburgh-98 Pittsburgh-99 Pittsburgh-100 Pittsburgh-101 Pittsburgh-103

The great Carnegie Cathedral of Learning

The great Carnegie Cathedral of Learning

Pittsburgh-105 Pittsburgh-106 Pittsburgh-107 Pittsburgh-108 Pittsburgh-109


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