Angelene’s Sweet 16

Another special moment for another special family.  Call today to book me to commemorate your special day with photographs to capture it for eternity.  Angeline edit-1 Angeline-9 Angeline-10 Angeline-18 Angeline-23 Angeline-27 Angeline-29 Angeline-46 Angeline-63 Angeline-69 Angeline-81 Angeline-98 Angeline-106 Angeline-110 Angeline-114 Angeline-115 Angeline-123 Angeline-130 Angeline-158 Angeline-159 Angeline-165 Angeline-178 Angeline-182 Angeline-186 Angeline-199 Angeline-207 Angeline-224 Angeline-316 Angeline-355 Angeline-382 Angeline-412 Angeline-414 Angeline-417 Angeline-425 Angeline-447 Angeline-449 Angeline-453


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