High Contrast B&W Street

In the world of instant digital images, the art of Black and White photography can quickly be lost.  Sometimes things that look ordinary in color have a whole new dimension in Black and White.  These images were taken with a Canon 5D converted to 590nm infrared and then edited in Gimp, Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro 2.  Enjoy, please provide feedback to help me refine my approach as I experiment more with this medium.

IMG_0214-Edit IMG_0215-Edit IMG_0217-Edit IMG_0218-Edit IMG_0219-Edit IMG_0220-Edit-2 IMG_0222 IMG_0224-Edit IMG_0225-Edit IMG_0226-Edit IMG_0227-Edit IMG_0228-Edit IMG_0230-Edit IMG_0231-Edit IMG_0232-Edit IMG_0233-Edit IMG_0234-Edit IMG_0236-Edit


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