Abuela’s 85th

Every family has one, a matriarch, to whom the lineage is traced and ties the family together. They show their years in their face but also their wisdom, as an entire room filled with people can directly trace themselves to this one figure.  I had the fortune of being with my girlfriend’s family recently as they celebrated her grandmother’s 85th anniversary.  I love parties like this, the images reflect the love that is permeating

IMG_9169 IMG_9171 IMG_9172 IMG_9176 IMG_9180 IMG_9203 IMG_9207 IMG_9218 IMG_9225 IMG_9240 IMG_9246 IMG_9247 IMG_9273 IMG_9281 IMG_9284 IMG_9287 IMG_9297 IMG_9303 IMG_9342 IMG_9360 IMG_9364 IMG_9367 IMG_9391 IMG_9397 IMG_9421 IMG_9423 the room.


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