High Contrast B&W IR Photography

I find I really love Infrared for the way it can transform a scene in Black and White.  It gives a contrast that usually one can only achieve in specialized film.  The contrasts are vivid, especially when the vegetation is rendered white.

IMG_9013 -1-Edit IMG_9018 -1 IMG_9027 -1 IMG_9030 -1-Edit IMG_9031 -1-Edit IMG_9037 -1-Edit IMG_9044 -1-Edit IMG_9045 -1-Edit IMG_9049 -1-Edit IMG_9051 -1-Edit IMG_9056 -1-Edit IMG_9058 -1-Edit IMG_9065 -1-Edit IMG_9066 -1-Edit IMG_9068 -1-Edit-2 IMG_9070 -1-Edit IMG_9071 -1-Edit-Edit IMG_9073 -1-Edit-2 IMG_9076 -1-Edit IMG_9077 -1-Edit IMG_9078 -1-Edit


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