A Day at the Beach

Milford-1 Milford-2 Milford-3 Milford-4 Milford-5 Milford-6 Milford-7 Milford-8 Milford-9 Milford-10 Milford-11 Milford-12 Milford-13 Milford-14 Milford-15 Milford-16 Milford-17 Milford-18 Milford-19 Milford-20 Milford-21


Milford, CT.  Just an hour north and east of the city is a different world, out on the sound.  The calm, peaceful waters rejuvenate the soul.  Some of these were taken with a ND filter to give a nice blurred look to the photos.  The rest come from the pure brilliance of the day and landscape.


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