Cozumel and the Mexican Riviera






Paradise… As long as it’s air conditioned.  Cozumel is an island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea, and it is just a feast for the eyes.  Originally a pilgrimage site for the Maya… It was a trading outpost and it was supposed to be good for women’s fertility to make the pilgrimage… Today the island is a tourist paradise with cruise ship docks and resorts, yet the far end and the interior are just pristine with gorgeous blue waters.  A quick ferry ride puts you in Playa Carmen, a major tourist site on the mainland and close to the major Mayan centers of Tulum and Coba.

 Cozumel-7 Cozumel-8 Cozumel-14 Cozumel-25 Cozumel-26 Cozumel-28 Cozumel-31 Cozumel-32 Cozumel-33 Cozumel-34 Cozumel-36 Cozumel-37 Cozumel-38 Cozumel-41 Cozumel-44 Cozumel-45 Cozumel-53 Cozumel-55 Cozumel-58 Cozumel-59 Cozumel-60 Cozumel-61 Cozumel-66 Cozumel-68 Cozumel-70 Cozumel-76 Cozumel-81 Cozumel-82 Cozumel-83 Cozumel-84 Cozumel-85 Cozumel-88 Cozumel-89 Cozumel-94 Cozumel-102 Cozumel-106 Cozumel-107 Cozumel-109 Cozumel-111 Cozumel-114 Cozumel-116 Cozumel-118 Cozumel-122 Cozumel-124 Cozumel-125 Cozumel-128 Cozumel-133 Cozumel-134 Cozumel-136 Cozumel-142 Cozumel-143 Cozumel-144 Cozumel-148 Cozumel-150 Cozumel-151 Cozumel-153 Cozumel-155 Cozumel-157 Cozumel-158 Cozumel-160 Cozumel-161 Cozumel-163 Cozumel-168 Cozumel-170 Cozumel-175 Cozumel-179 Cozumel-183 Cozumel-184 Cozumel-191 Cozumel-192 Cozumel-198 Cozumel-199 Cozumel-200 Cozumel-201 Cozumel-203 Cozumel-213 Cozumel-214 Cozumel-215 Cozumel-216 Cozumel-221 Cozumel-222 Cozumel-229 Cozumel-236 Cozumel-239 Cozumel-242 Cozumel-243 Cozumel-245 Cozumel-256 Cozumel-268


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