Bat Mitzvah

Coming of Age, it is a time when young girls become women and boys become men.  It is a time of celebration, deeply rooted in our past and a celebration of family.

Leah-2 Leah-4 Leah-37 Leah-41 Leah-44 Leah-45 Leah-59 Leah-70 Leah-79 Leah-84 Leah-88 Leah-90 Leah-91 Leah-94 Leah-108 Leah-115 Leah-122 Leah-126 Leah-131 Leah-139 Leah-146 Leah-160 Leah-174 Leah-185 Leah-194 Leah-199 Leah-215 Leah-237 Leah-266 Leah-272 Leah-274 Leah-282 Leah-284 Leah-311 Leah-335 Leah-344 Leah-352 Leah-354 Leah-360


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