Lyndhurst Mansion

The stately Hudson Valley…New Yorkers of means have long sought its breezy shores and bucolic views as an escape from the cramped quarters of the city.  Lyndhurst Mansion is one of these incredible homes of New York’s past.  Home to several prominent New Yorkers, this was the home of Jay Gould, the notorious robber baron and his family.

Lyndhurst-1 Lyndhurst-2 Lyndhurst-3 Lyndhurst-4 Lyndhurst-5 Lyndhurst-6 Lyndhurst-7 Lyndhurst-8 Lyndhurst-9 Lyndhurst-10 Lyndhurst-11 Lyndhurst-12 Lyndhurst-13 Lyndhurst-14 Lyndhurst-15 Lyndhurst-16 Lyndhurst-17 Lyndhurst-18 Lyndhurst-19 Lyndhurst-20 Lyndhurst-21 Lyndhurst-22 Lyndhurst-23 Lyndhurst-24 Lyndhurst-25 Lyndhurst-26 Lyndhurst-27 Lyndhurst-28 Lyndhurst-29 Lyndhurst-30 Lyndhurst-31 Lyndhurst-32 Lyndhurst-33 Lyndhurst-34 Lyndhurst-35 Lyndhurst-36 Lyndhurst-37 Lyndhurst-38 Lyndhurst-39 Lyndhurst-40 Lyndhurst-41 Lyndhurst-42 Lyndhurst-43 Lyndhurst-44 Lyndhurst-45 Lyndhurst-46 Lyndhurst-47 Lyndhurst-48 Lyndhurst-49 Lyndhurst-50 Lyndhurst-51 Lyndhurst-52 Lyndhurst-53 Lyndhurst-54 Lyndhurst-55 Lyndhurst-56 Lyndhurst-57 Lyndhurst-58 Lyndhurst-59 Lyndhurst-60 Lyndhurst-61 Lyndhurst-62 Lyndhurst-63 Lyndhurst-64 Lyndhurst-65 Lyndhurst-66 Lyndhurst-67 Lyndhurst-68 Lyndhurst-69 Lyndhurst-70 Lyndhurst-71 Lyndhurst-72 Lyndhurst-73


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