Going back to the World of Film

IMG_20150201_0001 IMG_20150201_0002 IMG_20150201_0012 IMG_20150201_0021 IMG_20150201_0023 IMG_20150201_0032 IMG_20150201_0035I’ve been shooting digitally for about the past decade.  As technology improves, digital images get better and better making the medium easier and more fun to use.  There is a longing for technique, however.  So I’m reverting to my roots a little bit.  The following are images taken on scanned film, I took one roll of 120 and one roll of 35mm negatives.  It wasn’t perfect as it’s been a decade since i spooled a roll of film in a dark bag, but I got some usable images. I love the old feel that the images have.  It’s just a unique look that you can’t mimic easily digitally. Enjoy!

IMG_20150125_0001 IMG_20150125_0001-2 IMG_20150125_0002 IMG_20150125_0006 IMG_20150125_0006-2 IMG_20150125_0008 IMG_20150125_0009 IMG_20150125_0012-Edit IMG_20150125_0013 IMG_20150125_0015 IMG_20150125_0016 IMG_20150125_0023 IMG_20150125_0025 IMG_20150125_0026 IMG_20150125_0028 IMG_20150125_0029 IMG_20150125_0033 IMG_20150125_0034 IMG_20150125_0035


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