The Great Blizzard of 2015

The Great Blizzard of 2015 turned out to be a bust, still it’s good for some photos.  To give a more nostalgic feel to them, I used an expired roll of color 35mm film and developed the images with black and white chemicals.  The result looks like the images could have been taken 80 years ago.  I think the message here is that the snow allows us to channel that inner child that we have who shall remain forever timeless.

IMG_20150127_0002 IMG_20150127_0002-2 IMG_20150127_0003 IMG_20150127_0003-2 IMG_20150127_0004 IMG_20150127_0005 IMG_20150127_0005-2 IMG_20150127_0006 IMG_20150127_0007 IMG_20150127_0007-2 IMG_20150127_0008 IMG_20150127_0008-2 IMG_20150127_0009 IMG_20150127_0011 IMG_20150127_0012-Edit IMG_20150127_0014 IMG_20150127_0016-Edit IMG_20150127_0020


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