55th Annual Greater Metropolitan New York Social Studies Conference

I helped to put this conference together, this year I was also asked to photograph it.  Below are some scenes from the packed day.  Award winners present were TV and Radio personality Ann Tripp, former NYC mayoral hopeful John Liu, and civil rights activist Karen Korematsu (daughter of Fred Korematsu of Korematsu v. US fame).  UFT President Michael Mulgrew was also in attendance.

IMG_0228 - Copy IMG_0229 - Copy IMG_0247 - Copy IMG_0252 - Copy IMG_0269 - Copy IMG_0274 - Copy IMG_0278 - Copy IMG_0281 - Copy IMG_0292 - Copy IMG_0301 - Copy IMG_0310 - Copy IMG_0320 - Copy IMG_0345 - Copy IMG_0349 - Copy IMG_0378 - Copy IMG_0385 - Copy IMG_0406 - Copy IMG_0412 - Copy IMG_0415 - Copy IMG_0416 - Copy IMG_0422 - Copy IMG_0423 - Copy IMG_0425 - Copy IMG_0428 - Copy IMG_0432 - Copy IMG_0440 - Copy IMG_0466 - Copy IMG_0476 - Copy IMG_0488 - Copy IMG_0496 - Copy IMG_0503 - Copy IMG_0506 - Copy IMG_0515 - Copy IMG_0519 - Copy IMG_0527 - Copy IMG_0540 - Copy IMG_0547 - Copy IMG_0554 - Copy IMG_0562 - Copy IMG_0569 - Copy IMG_0593 - Copy IMG_0620 - Copy IMG_0626 - Copy IMG_0639 - Copy IMG_0654 - Copy IMG_0658 - Copy IMG_0666 IMG_0671 IMG_0672 IMG_0677 IMG_0687


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